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Vancouver is a popular tourist destination. All information about Vancouver is presented here: photos, weather, interesting places and facts.

Vancouver is the center of the Canadian province of British Columbia, the third largest city in the country by territorial factor, several times in the ranking of the best city in the world according to the research group of the British publication Economist, the capital of the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Population: 603.5 thousand people.

Area: 114.67 square kilometers.

Vancouver is located on the Pacific coast of the west of the country, on the shores of Barrard Bay, which is part of the Salish Sea. Vancouver is a unity of alpine and coastal areas, it is an abundance of coniferous species diluted with maples and alder, supplemented with sakura, magnolia, rhododendron, palm tree and other exotic and non-priori plants brought and integrated into the landscape. The city is surrounded by the Cordillera massif, with hedgehog peaks completely dotted with trees, sometimes covered with snow caps. Snow has been lying in the region for months, which made it possible to build ski resorts, the most popular of which is Whistler. The city center is sandwiched between the peaks of Mount Seymour and Hollyburne, and many of the rivers crossing Vancouver are taken in half rings of 20 bridges, among which there are 3 drawbridges: Burard, Granville and Kembi. The city borders on the USA. Seattle is accessible by car from here. Locals are often selected for the weekend in the states.

The climate is temperate. There is no abnormal heat or cold, the summer is rather arid, and the rainy season falls from October to March. The average July temperature is + 20 ° C, in January + 5 ° C. Any vacation in Vancouver will be comfortable.

The beaches of Vancouver are 18 kilometers of coastline. Stanley Park, Locarno, Point Bay and others, strewn with sand, alluring with sun glare and lamb waves. This place is not suitable for swimming, since even in summer the water does not exceed + 18 ° C, therefore, vacationers on the beaches only take sunbaths and have picnics. Bathers are preferred in heated pools.

A well-developed and logical infrastructure, a combination of natural and climatic advantages, economic, cultural, scientific development and many attractions of Vancouver make it a quite comfortable and convenient place to live. The city is clean and environmentally friendly (tap water is not inferior in quality to bottled water), anti-crime (observing basic safety rules, you can be sure of the safety of personal belongings and even more so of your own life at any time, in any part of the city) and modern.

Sport plays a big role in the life of the locals – they like skiing, biking, playing golf, and canoeing. Diving, inline skating, jogging, swimming, tennis, rafting and windsurfing – the list of practiced sports for which all conditions are created can be continued indefinitely. They love football here and love hockey. Fans of fishing will be struck by the abundance of rivers and lakes, adherents of hunting – forests. Lovers of outdoor activities can climb Mount Baker, which belongs to the United States.