Secret sweets in Tim Hortons, which you may not have known

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A little crispy potato can complete your day or morning. Is it possible to come up with a better start to the day than a burger? It may not be a familiar breakfast dish, but it is on the breakfast menu, and who are we to argue? This high-carb dish will give you a feeling of satiety right up to dinner itself, and you can order it with any additions. If you order it with potato pancakes, you can put them directly into the burger. You can do it yourself, but why get your hands dirty, if the waiters do it for you? Just order a burger for breakfast, potato pancakes and ask to put them in a bun.

You won’t even blink an eye how you make your own burger. You can also add double cheese, extra sauce and everything else you want. The beauty of such a designer breakfast is that you can eat it at any time of any day, and he will not get bored. This is an indispensable thing in the world of sandwiches.

While the morning sandwich can be supplemented with potato pancakes, the menu also has one secret, without the knowledge of which life loses its meaning. If you want something new, order a morning sandwich in one of their donuts. They cut the donut, put the burger filling inside and give you something that combines the sweetness of the donut and the cheese and egg flavor of the sandwich; and you will not be able to forget this experience for a long time.

From a donut and a morning sandwich, you can make an amazing combination, in the truest sense of the word. So try to combine everything that only comes into your head. It worked with peanut butter and chocolate. Worked with wedge syrup and bacon. Perhaps donut burgers are the next great discovery of humanity.

Whipped cream goes great with hot and cold drinks. Cheese not so great. Everything gets tastier if you add a little more fat and guilt after eating. If the dish is spicy, it is a burger, fries or bagel, the cheese will make it even tastier. If the dish is sweet, for example, a donut or a cupcake, then you can’t go wrong by adding whipped cream. At Tim Hortons, you can add both to your order. Personally, we like to add a little extra cheese to roasted sandwiches and soups, as well as potato pancakes for breakfast. Whipped cream is great for hot chocolate, donuts and more baking. You can even swap cheese and cream