Online project for football fans now in Canada!

Spread the love is the first of its kind service where you can register your team in just a couple of clicks and challenge another team from your city, province or even country. A special multi-level rating system calculates the level of competitiveness of the team. Each goal scored can improve your position in the ranking. This project is very popular in Europe, and now it is expanding its horizons to North America! Each amateur football team that decides to join can quickly and easily find an opponent in their district, city, province or country. A personal profile will be created for each team, which can be used to simplify daily management tasks.

The profile provides many functions, such as: exchanging SMS or electronic notifications between team members, creating public polls, organizing open training sessions to find young talented players, and simply organizing a friendly game against any other team. The goal of is to create a functional football league that will unite amateur teams from all over the world. With, you no longer need to worry about searching for opponents, because you can only find opponents in a couple of clicks. “The mission of our project is to unite all those who grew up playing football in their city and did not have the opportunity to play at a professional level. We want to rally people who are passionate about playing football at all levels.

The infootball virtual tournament is a tournament with a single rating system in which football teams from any part of the world can participate. All that needs to be agreed upon is the time and place of the match. Friendly games can develop into a competition for the championship. What seems like a simple game can be part of the story of a real team. The most important thing is that each participant competes for real prizes and for the title of the best amateur football team in the world, ā€¯comments project representative Stepan Isaev. is a tool that can be used to maintain communication between two parties. Using this tool, you will quickly and easily become part of world amateur football. Join now! Opening hours: from November to March from 08:00 to 16:30 Official website: This base is one of the most popular in North America and is located 9 hours from Vancouver, almost in the province of Alberta. The distance between the highest and lowest point of the slope is 1.225 meters. A standard set at your service: trails for skis, snowboards, snowmobiles and hiking trails. In the summer, the base transforms into a first-class golf course, which is in the top 10 of many prestigious ratings.