Ancient humans were once magnificently fit, strong and healthy without diets or gyms…

So where did we go so wrong?!!

Has our ancient instinct for what is good for us been drowned out through a constant barrage of misguided government advice, the herd mentality of ‘experts’ opinions, headline hungry media, and self-interested ‘big business?!

But what if…

  • You could get supremely fit without pushing through the pain barrier?
  • You could reach your ideal weight without starving yourself?
  • You could stop listening to accepted ‘expert’ advice that simply doesn’t work?
  • You knew instinctively how to be the best you can be?

What if we’re not as weak, sickly, and in need of help as we’ve been lead to believe? What if we never needed to buy another product or service to get in shape?

What if hidden inside a perhaps less than perfect outer shell lay a magnificent thoroughbred stone-age body waiting to burst out?

What if you could put to one side everything you’ve been told about health and fitness – be open-mind and crank your curiosity up one more notch?

The answers are out there to what’s really making us fat, slow and unhealthy…

Are you ready to better understand YOUR basic human Instincts and unleash your fitter, stronger and happier caveman within?


Instinctive Fitness changes the paradigm through which we view not just physical exercise, but nutrition and the whole way we think about our health.

Taking the now well-recognised ‘paleo’ principles and expanding them into an understandable, easily adoptable rationale, it explores how our well-intention instincts are today being fooled into making unhealthy choices for us. Instinctive Fitness enables us to re-capture control of these subconscious drivers of behaviour and make wiser choices towards a fitter, healthier future.

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