Science Museum Opened in Canada

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Not many museums are suitable for all ages, but the World of Science has done a tremendous job of creation, development and made it surprisingly interesting for everyone. The museum is located on the street 1455 Quebec st. But even if you do not know where it is, then you probably saw the building itself, in the form of a huge ball.

The building was born in 1986 with the latest technology and its construction was timed to the international exhibition “Expo”, to which the city was carefully prepared. The World of Science is not just a museum, it is a whole city in which you can spend a few hours even with the youngest visitors. There are six galleries-pavilions in it, and each is dedicated to its specific theme. The largest and most famous gallery is called “Eureka.” Her exposition is everything that helps a person to comprehend the nature of light, sound, water, to understand the laws by which they are built. Almost all the exhibits are interactive, that is, they can be played, touched, and put into simple experiments. Let’s say there is a huge aggregate through which water flows down. It is necessary, blowing the ball, to follow the trajectory of movement. When you move on special devices on the floor, the melody itself appears, remembering which you can then reproduce it.

There is also the “Illusions” pavilion, where you can see how the straight bends in certain conditions, black and white images become colored and much more. There is also a gallery “Our World”, it presents the skeletons of animals and people, they, of course, you can also touch and even play with them. The museum staff also created the Body Works gallery, in which, if there is a desire, you can experiment on the body of an adult or a child, and, according to the creators of the museum, comprehend, thereby, the physical and even spiritual laws by which the human body works. There is a show on the ground floor every hour. For example, the show “General Laws”, where one can grasp the laws of gravity by example, or the most interesting experiments with soap bubbles.

Museum staff also conduct lectures, and with shows and experiences. For example, at a lecture on insects to adults and, especially valuable, children, not only will they tell all about bugs, butterflies and even bedbugs with ticks, but also bring from the storehouse any representatives of the insect world, will touch some of them. And for an additional fee you can visit the cinema, which is located on the top floor, so if your company is tired, you can diversify your vacation.