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Instinctive Fitness: A re-evolutionary approach to ultimate fitness and health based on a 2.5 million year experiment

 A book by O.J. Selway and C. Packer: Published by Harcombe Publishing and available on Amazon – April 27th 2012

“It’s not your fault you’re fat, slow and lazy!” – Our ancient human instincts that served us well for hundreds of thousands of years have now been hijacked by the modern world. The environmental pressures that produced these useful drives are now almost entirely absent in today’s times, leaving us open to exploitation by the food industry, the pharmaceutical corporations and at the mercy of poor governmental health advice. 


–          Why we’ve lost the instinct for what’s good for us.

–          Fat loss – “Eat fat to lose fat!”

–          The folly of the government’s low-fat, low calorie, high grain diet advice

–          “Paleo Diet” (and the benefits of natural food)

–          Eat a diet 50% rich in fat, much of it saturated …and still have a 6 pack. Easy.

–          Dangers lurks in your supermarket

–          Toxic grains, evil breads and deadly cereals

–          The horrors of vegetable oils, margarine, processed foods and PUFA fats

–          Diabetes and ‘Metabolic Syndrome X’

–          Healthy British food lives!

–          Caveman cuisine and the slow cooker – the healthiest and the most convenient way to cook

–          The Causes of modern disease (the ‘diseases of civilisation’ explained)

–          Fasting (the overlooked art of)



–          Why outdoor fitness rocks but the big ‘gym con’ still rules

–          The myths of modern Fitness (why most exercisers  fail to reach their goals)

–          “Cavemen do it in the outdoors” – Hunter-gather/caveman fitness

–          The big weigh in – The Health Service takes the strain.

–           “Exercise Addict or couch potato – some choice!”

–          The dangers of marathon running and ‘chronic’ cardio

–          How to run like a Kenyan Miler or Usain Bolt.

–          Barefoot running and minimalistic training shoes – “Why Nike couldn’t pay me to wear their shoes”



–          Natural Posture, back pain and effortless movement

–          Stress-free living – Rest, relaxation, sleep, play and life

–          Health benefits of… organic food, Grass-fed organic meats, coconut oil, red wine, chocolate, butter, and raw milk, local honey, office mini-breaks, walking, running, woodland exercise, sunshine, mud, tree climbing, wild swimming and cholesterol (!)

–          Health dangers of…. grains, vegetable oil, margarine, sweeteners, sugar, transfats, processed carbs – and cushioned trainers, gym machines, flat floors, nutritional supplements,  alarm clocks and too much TV and computer work before bed.




DIET: Instinctive Fitness, from a dietary point of view, is broadly similar to the newly-emerging “Paleo” or “Primal Diet” in the US, eschewing grains, processed foods, legumes, and modern ingredients (all sugar, vegetable oil, trans-fats, sweeteners, etc) in favour of organic meat, seafood, vegetables, fruit and nuts. It is a high-fat, medium-protein, low-carb diet. Instinctive Fitness allows certain ‘approved’ foods, like high quality dark chocolate, cream, full-fat milk and coffee, depending on the individual. It’s not as restrictive as Paleo but provides all the same benefits. Put simply, it favours “REAL FOOD”


EXERCISE: Instinctive Fitness rejects most of what goes on in typical gyms in favour of natural movement patterns such as walking, running, lifting, dragging, carrying, jumping, balancing and other bodyweight challenges. – ideally outdoors. It secret lies in combining a low-effort, low-intensity programme but punctuated by sporadic vigorous, energising bursts of strength and speed. Marathon running and other chronic cardio forms of exercise are avoided as being potentially dangerous to health; gym machines are considered pointless. In short, it proposes REAL MOVEMENT.


LIFESTYLE: Instinctive Fitness looks at the change between how we live now and how we lived for hundreds of thousand, and identifies simple changes we can make our lives more natural, healthy and stress-free. Topics such as sleep, relaxation, ‘barefootedness’, cold water, sunshine, the outdoors, play and love are covered.

























Topics and unwritten articles related to Instinctive Fitness

  • “Unleashing your animal instincts: how to navigate the temptations of the modern world with 10% body fat and 100% natural energy.”
  • “Eat like a Caveman for ultimate health and weight loss”

“Fat loss so easy a Caveman could do it”

“Shredded wheat doesn’t get you shredded”, say caveman dieters.

  •  “Cavemen do it in barefoot shoes” (relates to Vibram FiveFingers, the eccentric shoe of choice for the modern tribesman!)
  • “Fat is your friend: the ancient weight loss secret hidden in plain view.”
  • “Natural movement’s back: why cavemen never bench pressed”
  • “The Caveman Formula: (RF+RM)-S = TH (Total Health) ….simple as that!”


(N.B. The term “Caveman” can be substituted by Cavewoman, Hunter-Gatherer, ancient ancestors, Paleolithic forefathers, nomadic hunters, Stone Age people, etc)


These suggestions are presented here as ideas for articles. They can be written by Oliver (on request), written by Oliver for adaptation; used as an angle for interview; or simply written by a journalist.


From Book ‘Blurb’


Despite a multi-billion pound health and fitness industry and the wonders of modern health care, the modern human ranks one of the weakest, flabbiest, most disease-prone and stressed out animals ever to walk the earth. Obesity, diabetes, stress, ADHD, cancer and heart disease were unknown to ancient humans – so could turning back the clock and learning from the past once again free us from their costly grip?

No matter what our age, gender or fitness level Oliver Selway’s upcoming book Instinctive Fitness shows how anyone can get themselves fitter than they ever have been while blowing away the smoke and mirrors that shrouds the established fitness industry

He sensationally reveals how extended efforts, endless repetitions in the gym and money spent on nutritional supplements are mostly squandered, and puts forward a compelling case that we need nothing more than a change of perspective and a new understanding of how our bodies have evolved.

Looking back at human evolutionary history, Olly argues that our ancient hunter-gatherer forefathers were vastly physically superior to those we know today: healthy, vibrant and powerful beings whom we should be learning from to restore the physical grandeur that is our birth-right.

Pulling no punches, Olly exposes the 21st century’s lamentable decline in health as an entirely preventable tragedy, waking us up to how this unrelenting decay in our physical wellbeing could be so easily reversed.

Never shying away from controversy, this book really takes on the establishment to reveal the scandalous truth that ageing, obesity and the vast majority of modern health ailments are due, not to little lack of personal effort nor the passing of years – but because we’ve been brainwashed to believe that fitness and health is something we must stress, strive and usually pay hard cash for!

Our natural animal instincts are being exploited daily to lead us astray – blindly tempted, teased and ultimately betrayed by empty promises of self-interested ‘big business‘, narrow minded ‘experts’, and misguided government interference,

Offering us new hope, and fresh understanding of our own bodies, Olly shows us with a simple formula how anyone can regain control over their basic human desires to unleash their magnificent but dormant caveman within.

No gym, no dodgy supplements, no calorie control! We played around in a dis-used stone-quarry…and ate real food.


Bit more?

In his book Instinctive Fitness, Oliver Selway explains how a Total Body Transformation shouldn’t involve extended efforts, endless repetitions, or wasted time and money in the gym: A subtle change of attitude and a proper understanding of how our body’s work best is all that’s required.

Looking back at evolutionary history, it is clear that ancient humans were without doubt physically superior than we are today: healthy, vibrant and powerful beings from whom we can learn how to restore the lost physical grandeur that is our birth-right. The lifestyle of our modern world is often poisonous to our health, but there is an answer if we can learn from the past…

Modern methods like endless cardio, low-fat diets and boring cuisine in the name of health are unnecessary, burdensome or even downright dangerous.

We live in a radically different, modern world to that of our ancient ancestors – but our unchanged Stone Age genes yearn for the same challenges and environment they faced.

Instinctive Fitness shows how health, energy and body composition can quickly be restored to their optimal levels simply by choosing the right foods and doing the kinds of exercise: treating our bodies how they are evolutionarily best adapted. By doing so, we can regain the animal instinct that served our ancient ancestors so well for thousands of years – eating like a king, playing like a child and living our lives to the full!

About the Author

Oliver, 36, is a Personal Trainer from Oxford who specialises in Mid-Life Body Transformations. He gave up his job in journalism to retrain and change people’s lives after transforming his own body and health with a system that confounds the advice of conventional trainers and gyms. He wrote Instinctive Fitness to let people struggling to stay slim, healthy and energetic know that there is a better way than stress, striving and usually failing. 2015 | All Rights Reserved. Theme by Flythemes