Caveman Like ‘em Fat!!

The deer had barely stopped twitching, yet the most prized parts of the animal had already been stripped and eagerly consumed. Life was hard 20,000 years ago and it had been days since our Paleolithic diners had eaten properly.

Instinctively they went straight for the parts of the animal highest in energy and badly needed nutrients. Once the liver, kidneys and heart had been consumed, the Prehistoric dinner party turned their attention to the easiest accessible fat to appease their still un-satiated hunger. Only later would they move on, somewhat begrudgingly, to the leaner cuts of meat that today we would call rump, fillet and rib eye steak.

20,000 years ago mankind would have scoffed at ‘experts’ telling them ‘saturated fat’ was bad!

No ‘expert’ ever dared rear their head and tell Stone Age man what to eat. Their choices were very simple: whatever was available and tasted good – and they quiet obviously thrived by doing following this simple rule. Driven by their taste buds, natural ‘saturated’ fats were a staple part of an early diet – far tastier than foraged plants, berries and nuts. Our earliest ancestors didn’t have to think too much about what to put in their mouth. What tasted best to them was best for them.

It is not a coincidence that the smell of frying bacon drives most people crazy because fat is what we evolved to eat!

If left to their own devices, all animals consider the foods their body needs taste the best. Humans are no different in this respect. For hundreds of thousands of years mankind had just one tool with which to make dietary choices: their taste-buds, and today they would still be serving us well if not ‘baited’ and mislead in the name of profit.

What does evolution know anyway?

Everything was going swimmingly well with our simple but effective taste bud tool until the first ‘expert’ crawled out of the woodwork and convinced us that they knew better than 250,000 years of evolution. Today (for reasons we discuss in greater detail HERE), ‘experts’ have ‘educated’ modern society into shunning anything that remotely resembles animal fat, and replacing this natural food-stuff with frighteningly unnatural refined hydrogenated oils.

Scratch the thin veneer of ‘modern wisdom’ and the truth still shines brightly through – animal fat is what humans should eat!

Does it really take such a mammoth leap of faith to believe ‘sat-fat’ does us no harm? Just consider mothers milk, the one and only food stuff that we know is 100% categorically designed for humans to eat. This all round nutritious meal on which we grow is abundant in both saturated fat and cholesterol.

When did it all change?

Surprisingly recently. I’m sure we all remember a ‘nana’ or great aunt from our childhood who cooked “the best roast potatoes in the whole world” with lard or dripping and smothered toast in butter? Back then, there simply wasn’t the fuss, commotion or controversy about eating animal fats that we have come to blindly accept today. Yet at the same time very few people suffered from any of the epidemic of modern diseases that we have suffered from in the late 20th and early 21st century .

Until the UK became suddenly ‘Americanised’ during the dark days of WW2, the Great British public ate fantastic tasting natural fats with gay abandon and without guilt or fear of health repercussions.

Our very modern fear of ‘sat fat’ arguably began with an overzealous ‘scientist’ called Ancel Keys. Now far be it for us to judge Mr Keys’ motivation, but one way or another old Ancel got a bit over-excited with published in the 1960s when he was tasked with proving a link between cholesterol and the growing numbers of Cardio Vascular disease cases. Keys didn’t seem to believe the truth should get in the way of a good hypothesis so massaged the facts to fit what he was tasked to find.

Big Business Skullduggery?

The findings of Keys’ ‘7 Nations Study’ has ever since been widely suspected of being ‘fudged’ to deliver the results Keys was looking for. Nevertheless the damage had been done and numerous other ‘scientists’ jumped on the band wagon and saturated fat was rebranded the new demon to society’s health.

Keys’ findings were very ‘convenient’ to the USA’s booming agricultural industries of wheat and corn production and were a great stick with which to drive a population away from its historical diet, towards that that of a very modern ‘industrial nation’.

Since Keys’ original study, there have been many other studies of traditional people from around the world and no link between saturated fat and health problems have since been found. Many of these studies have in fact shown that there is a clear inverse relationship between the animal fat a population consumes and the cases of cardio vascular disease, diabetes and other diseases. Funnily enough, the large farming industries have been less eager to spend millions of dollars in promoting the findings of these studies.

Food for thought?