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The Barefooted Warrior Ask anyone to walk up the high street without shoes on and they’ll look at you as if you’re mad, but they’ll almost certainly agree that going without shoes is one of the best things about being on holiday or on the beach. There’s an enormous sense of freedom when we go […]

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The Hunter’s Meditation…

“Meditation, Stress and the Hunter’s Mind”   Staying present – the essence of both hunting and meditation. For many of us today the biggest handicap to a happy, contented life is long-term stress. We live very different lives to those of our ancient ancestors. No longer do suffer the adrenaline rush of having to run […]

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Come Rain or Shine

The life you were born to lead: Welcome to The Outdoors!  Muddy, squishy, uneven and sometimes even smelly: the countryside is full of scary obsticles for ‘townies’, yet it also offers nourishment for both body and soul! It’s all too easy to think of outdoor activity as something special, as a small subsection of our […]

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