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Anyone for a Run Before Breakfast?

Fasted Exercise   Hippocates, the father of modern medicine, wrote many years ago: “Fat people who want to reduce their weight should take their exercise on an empty stomach and sit down to their food out of breath…Thin people who want to get fat should do exactly the opposite and never take exercise on an empty […]

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When you say ‘jump’, I say ‘Must I?’

A short history of how Physical Education lost its way Of course it’s probably not exactly breaking news that sitting around all day and doing little exercise is bad for our health.  We’ve known this forever. Moving is what our bodies yearn to do and by keeping them still all the time they are cheated […]

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HIIT: Our Ancestral Fight or Flight Response?

HIIT – The Missing Evolutionary Link in Your Training?   These days, you can’t go anywhere near a gym without someone asking if you do ‘HIIT’? It sounds like one of these dodgy ‘legal highs’ and I suppose to some extent it is. High Intensity Interval Training is currently touted as the biggest breakthrough in […]

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The Great Cardio Con – Why Do We Do It To Ourselves?

Go to any gym in the country and you’ll see the same thing: lines of red-faced individuals puffing away on cardio machines, trying to burn the fat or blast themselves into shape. The stair climber, the cross trainer, and the stationery cycle are just some of these popular types of workout station. Is it possible […]

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Move like a Hunter-Gatherer

Run, Jump and Boogie like a Caveman If you’ve just stumbled randomly on this article you’re probably wondering right now, “What! Why would I want to run, jump or ‘boogie’ like a caveman?” The short answer is because underneath all your fancy clothes, Nike’s and iPhone you are still a hunter-gatherer caveman (or woman) – […]

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The Simple Joy of Movement

Q. How do you make getting fit more attractive, fun and enjoyable? A. Make a game out of it!   Exploration and movement from birth Think back to when you were an infant and you mastered (what were at the time) incredibly complicated feats of balance such as standing, crawling, walking, running and jumping. You […]

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