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Trans Fat: killing us faster than ever!

We’ve all heard about trans-fats in our diets and how they’re bad for us. Some of us have some vague notion about how they are found in the unhealthiest of foods. You probably wouldn’t be surprised to learn that they are indeed found in crackers, popcorn, sweets and all manner of indulgent treats. If you’re […]

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Breakfast– The Worst Meal of the Day

I’m tired of hearing how breakfast is the most important meal of the day –absolute rot. Breakfast is entirely optional and – the way most people use it – is best avoided entirely. To understand why, it’s important to look back into our dark, wild past when we roamed the earth as nomadic people, in […]

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Global Conspiracy or Industrial Scale Incompetence?

Society is being looked after by its governing institutions right? Our health is more important to them than their profit is it not? Our happiness, wellbeing and longevity take priority over any booming economy, don’t they? I mean, surely the scientists, the ‘experts’, the politicians, the banks and the agricultural, food and pharmaceutical industries in […]

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Caveman Like ‘em Fat!!

The deer had barely stopped twitching, yet the most prized parts of the animal had already been stripped and eagerly consumed. Life was hard 20,000 years ago and it had been days since our Paleolithic diners had eaten properly. Instinctively they went straight for the parts of the animal highest in energy and badly needed […]

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