Lifestyle Changes that Last a Lifetime

The book Instinctive Fitness was written in 2011 by Oliver Selway and Charlie Packer to bring a more ‘paleo’ message to the UK. Although the paleo theories are seldom contended, pure paleo principles are regarded by many to be to restrictive and impracticle for modern living.

Instinctive Fitness takes into account we live in a modern world and takes a slightly less ‘hardcore’ approach enabing many more people to adopt a healthy diet and exercise programme without undue hardship.

The principles of Instinctive Fitness run far deeper than any fad diet or exercise programme ever could; starting subtle but powerful shifts not in just what the reader does in their life, but who they believe themselves to be as an animal within nature.

Instinctive Fitness takes the paleo diet into the 21st century, reconnecting us to a deeper, older more primal self. A self that knows it is good to eat like a king, play like a child and really live life to the full.

We assist people to get fitter and healthier and adopt long term dietary changes via our fun and effective Woodland Workouts in the North Oxfordshire area of the UK.

We Believe:

  • We’re not as weak and feeble as we’re led to believe, and seldom need to be propped up by doctors, advisors or other ‘experts’.
  • Successive governments have peddled the worst dietary advice ever – which is in fact a major cause of the current obesity crisis.
  • Exercise should be easy and fun but never painful!
  • High Intensity Training (H.I.T.) techniques work! And we prove it from an evolutionary perspective.
  • Explosive, high-intensity ’fight or flight’ training is key to controlling insulin response, VO2 and even managing stress.
  • Healthy activity should be about sustained low-level activity and real world movement…not time spent in a gym.
  • Exercise should never hurt for more than 30 seconds without rest. Is there any need for the no-pain, no gain approach?
  • We need a new perspective on modern lifestyle, community and our inherent urge to ‘belong’.
  • And finally can we find real peace through the highly spiritual practice of Meditation – the practiced reaquisition of the hunting instincts of our ancient hunter-gatherer forefathers”?

Practical Life Changing Advice

Instinctive Fitness offers new hope and inspiration to everyone, no matter their age, gender or current physical condition, to get in their best shape ever – without stress, without starving themselves or wasting more time and money in a gym.

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